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Ever since we began our Fine Sale auctions in Suffolk, some of our most remarkable results have been for vintage watches; particularly Rolex and Omega classic and rare models. 


Some of our most notable results have included:

  • a Rolex Explorer belonging to the Sir Edmund Hillary Expedition 

  • GMT Master "Pepsi" Rolexes

  • Omega Speedmaster "space watches"

  • In October 2017, we set a new British auction record for a Rolex Submariner, achieving a £230,000 hammer, this was originally purchased c.1965 with an unusual black and orange dial.


A Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner sold at Suffolk auctioneers Lockdales

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner, black and orange dial, model 1023420, serial 1029/6636, c.1965.

auction #149 /Lot571

hammer £230,000

Piaget gold watch set with malachite sold by Suffolk auctioneers Lockdales

Piaget gold watch set with malachite and diamonds.

auction #128/Lot 376

hammer £14,000

An 18ct gold hunter pocket watch sold at Suffolk auction house Lockdales

18ct gold hunter pocket watch.

auction #139/Lot 609

hammer £1100

A Rolex Cosmograph wrist watch sold by Suffolk auction house Lockdales

Rolex Cosmograph ref. 6263, c.1976, serial 4138246, stainless steel.

auction #142/Lot 386

hammer £25,200

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