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We keep a close eye on the evolving demand for ceramics and glass, ensuring that any items sold in our Suffolk auctions achieve the best results.


It's an approach that allows us to identify those areas of the ceramics market that are currently strong, such as the continuing interest from buyers in China and Japan.

Closer to home, items from well-known makers,  including pieces by Moorcroft, Clarice Cliff, Whitefriars and Troika, are all performing particularly well.


Our expert team has the necessary experience to identify the pieces that are highly sought after by buyers. For example, we recently sold a Martin Brothers 'grotesque' dragon spoon warmer for an impressive price of £5,000.


As with ceramics, items by famous glass designers, such as René Lalique, remain enduringly popular.

Georgian pearlware chamberpot sold at Lockdales Suffolk auction house

Auction #142 / Lot 886

Georgian pearlware chamberpot containing bust of Napoleon and the word ‘PEREAT’ – Let Him Perish.

hammer £2200

Clarice Cliff Bizarre pottery clog sold by Lockdales auction house in Suffolk

Auction #144/ Lot 877

Clarice Cliff Bizarre Fantasque Newport pottery clog.

hammer £1150

A Martin Brothers stoneware grotesque spoon warmer sold by Suffolk auctioneers Lockdales

Auction #136 / Lot 559

Martin Brothers stoneware grotesque spoon warmer.

hammer £5000

Lalique Grenouille glass frog mascot sold by Suffolk auction house Lockdales

auction #85/Lot 458

Lalique Grenouille glass frog car mascot with base.

hammer £8000

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