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private treaty

What is Private Treaty?

Private treaty is simply another terminology for a direct cash sale. Depending on value, circumstance or choice, you may choose the simpler, faster option to sell your items directly for cash. This essentially means you are selling your goods and the items will become the property of the auction house. This is a popular option for the obvious reasons, such as no selling fees, no insurance charges and not having to wait for the auction day to see if your items sell and, if so, what they have made. 


We are always keen to purchase many different types of antiques and collectables, as well as gold, silver, currency, mixed obsolete coinage and banknotes. Make an appointment to meet with one of our experts at our premises, or at your place of residence: Home visits are available.


Private treaty cash exchange can be your best option, but we will always advise you if auction consignment would be in your best interest.

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