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consigning to auction

A quick guide on how to consign an item OR COLLECTION to auction

Get a Valuation

First things first, you'll need to get your items or collection valued by us. There are various options available for you to do this. Click here for more information on 'How to Get a Valuation'.

Consignment Appraisal 

One of Lockdales' experts will give a full appraisal of your items and what prices they believe they are likely to achieve at auction. What you choose to do is entirely up to you. You will never be pressured to make a decision. Our valuations are offered free of charge, with no obligation. It's important to point out that our experts' estimated value of your items will dictate whether consignment is an option. This decision will be based upon whether in the expert's opinion, a realistic total reserve can be set at a viable minimum threshold, which will vary according to the auction category. If this cannot be met, we may still offer you a direct cash purchase (Private Treaty) as an alternative option. Click here for more info

Entering a consignment 

If you are happy with the valuation and decide to go ahead, our expert will fill in a consignment form with you. Each item will be listed alongside the valuer's suggestion of a lower and upper estimated value and its reserve price. To see an illustrated copy of our consignment form, just click on the pdf file below, 'New Vendor Consignment Form'. The vendor may set his/her own reserves but we may strongly advise against doing so. Each of our experts knows their field and have time-served experience in selling at auction. Unsold items, which have failed to reach a reserve price set by the vendor, will incur extra charges which are clearly pointed out in the vendor contract (see section below on Becoming a Vendor).

Becoming a Vendor

If you are a first time vendor, your consignment form will also be your new vendor's contract carrying Lockdales' full terms and conditions. We will talk you through this and make sure you are happy to proceed before signing. To view our 'New Vendor Contract' click on the pdf below.


When you have become a vendor you will be presented with your Lockdales' pack along with your copy of the contract/consignment form and a welcome letter from us that includes some helpful information which you can see here: click on the 'Thank You For Consigning' pdf below.

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