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a guide to bidding AT AUCTION

Attending an Auction for the First Time

An auctio at Suffolk auction house Lockdales
A room of bidders at Suffolk auction house Lockdales

Nothing beats the thrill of actually being there on auction day to bid in the room. If you have the time, we would love you to join us at our auction house in Suffolk to watch, experience and take part in our sales first-hand.
If you have never attended an auction before, it's a good idea to get there as early as possible so you can spend a little time watching and familiarising yourself with the bidding process. 

It's very easy. Upon arrival, you will need to register for a bidding number at our front desk. If you are not sure where to go or what to do, just ask one of our friendly auction assistants who will be more than happy to help you.

As a prospective purchaser, you should always thoroughly examine any items you are interested in before placing a bid and prior to the start of the auction. Lots are available for viewing at our Suffolk auction house both throughout the week leading up to the auction and on the actual day of the sale. If you have been unable to visit us beforehand, be sure to arrive early with plenty of time to examine the lots. 
It is important to note that our Coins & Collectables auction runs in two rooms simultaneously, therefore you will need to make sure you are seated in the correct room for your bids. Help yourself to one of our complimentary catalogues and check the auction index to see which room you need to be in for your bids. Again, our auction assistants will be happy to assist you.
If you are successful in winning a bid, please ensure that you display your bidding number clearly to the auctioneer and that it is your number that has been called out.
If you have any doubt about your bid price or another query, please draw this to the auctioneer’s attention immediately. The auctioneer won't mind at all, and it's better to be clear there and then, rather than have a later misunderstanding which may be difficult to rectify.
Room bidders can choose to settle their invoices on the day of sale or within seven days at our offices. You may pay for and collect your purchases at any time during the sale.
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Buyer's Premium

A buyer’s premium is payable in addition to the hammer price. Please click the relevant auction button to go to our Bidder's Terms & Conditions.

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