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If you can't make it to our auction house in Suffolk on the day of a sale, don't worry, you can still take part by placing bids over the phone. 

It's easy. For phone bids, one of our auction assistants will bid live with you over the phone.

You will usually be called about five lots prior to the lot you are bidding on. This ensures that we have connected with you and are ready to go.

To make sure everything goes smoothly, we advise any phone bidders to leave a priority number plus a back up number when possible.

Make sure you are near your phone and available to answer, otherwise you may end up missing out if we are unable to connect with you. Each auction runs at speed, which means there is only a certain window of time we can afford each caller as there is always a list of other phone bidders waiting their turn.

Remember, an additional Buyer's Premium will apply to your final bid amount.


It is advisable that requests to bid by telephone be made by 4pm, the day before the sale. Please be aware, we do not accept any responsibility for errors made in taking bids by telephone, though every effort is made to ensure accuracy.

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