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Our Suffolk auctions regularly offer a strong selection of highly collectable vintage toys. The market for vintage toys continues to show impressive demand, with collectors both nationally and internationally prepared to offer robust bids to secure rare items. 

Some of the most sought-after examples include:


Japanese and German tinplate clockwork toys are highly popular. Look out for those dating from the 1960s and earlier, especially robots, science fiction and space-themed toys.


The most popular makers of diecast toys include Dinky and Corgi. The original packaging is often as important (if not more so) than the toy itself. 'Mint in box' toys will attract a premium.

Lead Figures

Britains are the best known maker in this field of collecting. They specialised in lead soldiers, farm yard animals and machinery.

Live Steam

Mamod and Wilesco are the two key makers of live steam traction and stationary engines. Well-built, privately made engines, known as "scratch built", are also popular with buyers and collectors.

A vintage Japanese tinplate NASA space station toy sold at Suffolk auctioneers Lockdales

Auction #132 / Lot 1206

Japanese tinplate NASA space station by Horikawa.

hammer £750

Fowler scratch built live steam traction engine sold by Lockdales auction house in Suffolk

Auction #149/ Lot 1029

Fowler scratch built live steam traction engine 62cm.

hammer £1100

A 19th century papier-mache bulldog toy by Rouets et Decamps sold in Lockdales Suffolk auction

Auction #136/ Lot 726

Nodding and growling papier-mâché French Bulldog by Roulets et Decamps c.1880.

hammer £850

Matchbox Superfast No. 29 Racing Mini toy sold by Lockdales Suffolk auction house

auction #136/Lot 721

Matchbox Superfast No. 29 Racing Mini, metallic silver pre-production prototype

hammer £850

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