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Fountain pens are a very popular area of the antiques and collectables market, with good examples attracting competitive bidding in our Suffolk auctions.


Few people realise that an inherited pen, or collection of pens could have a strong re-sale value. 


Highly popular makers that are in demand include:

  • Montblanc

  • Parker

  • Waterman

  • Conway Stewar

  • Dunhill  


The age of a pen is usually highly important, however, Montblanc is one of the names bucking this trend, as they continue to release very high quality and desirable modern pens. 


Furthermore, if pens are made from gold or silver this naturally adds a premium.

A Montblanc Meisterstuck Ernest Hemingway fountain pen sold by Lockdales auctioneers in Suffolk

Auction #151 / Lot 457

Montblanc Meisterstuck Writers Edition Ernest Hemingway fountain pen 1992.

hammer £950

Dunhill Namiki fountain pen from the 1930s sold by Suffolk auction house Lockdales

Auction #144/ Lot 692

Dunhill Namiki fountain pen c.1930s, 14ct gold bands.

hammer £800

A Michel Proust fountain pen from 1999 sold by Suffolk auction house Lockdales

Auction #151 / Lot 445

Montblanc Meisterstuck Writers Edition Marcel Proust fountain pen 1999.

hammer £850

A "Post” Self-Filling Pen and stylus set sold by Suffolk auction house Lockdales

auction #139/Lot 692

“Post” Self-Filling Pen and stylus set, silver fittings.

hammer £340

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