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There are many types of musical instrument that always create interest in our Suffolk auctions, including guitars (Fender and Gibson), clarinets (Buffet, Metzler), and saxophones (Selmar).

Alongside these examples, two particular varieties of instrument also sell consistently well - violins and concertinas.

Violins / Bows
Stradivarius is the dream name that everyone looks for when it comes to violins, which has led to many fakes and reproductions. However, there are plenty of other makers and types to look out for, with 19th century and earlier violins generally commanding a high price. One such example we sold at our Suffolk auction house was a Jacques Bocquay violin, dated 1785, which fetched a hammer of £2,200. 
Strangely, there are times when the bow used to play the instrument is worth as much, if not more, than the actual instrument - such as a bow made by W. E Hill & Sons that we sold for £2,200.


The names that collectors are looking out for when it comes to concertinas include Wheatstone, Charles Jefferies, and Lachenal. We have been fortunate to sell several such examples, including a Lachenal for £1,200 and a T. Shakespeare (in the style of Charles Jeffries) for £2,200.

A French violin by Joseph Guarini sold at Suffolk auction house Lockdales

Auction #144/Lot 857

French violin by Joseph Guarini 1884

hammer £3200

Lockdales auctioneers in Suffolk sold this three row concertina

Auction #144/Lot 866

Three row concertina with 32 buttons by C. Jeffries.

hammer £2200

Suffolk auction house Lockdales sold this Cello bow by W.E. Hill & Sons

Auction #142/ Lot 1126

Cello bow by W.E. Hill & Sons, early 20th Century.

hammer £2200

1st Bn Coldstream Guards sold by Suffolk auction house Lockdales

auction #129/Lot 210

1st Bn Coldstream Guards painted drum.

hammer £360

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