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We have in-depth knowledge and experience in all areas of buying and selling gold and silver.


This ranges from seeking out the most desirable and collectable objects of virtue, such as examples by Fabergé, through to securing the best prices for wholesale bullion gold and scrap silver.


From our auction house in Suffolk, we also deal with a huge amount of hallmarked antique silver service vessels and tableware, achieving the best prices in our regular sales.


Furthermore, we also have necessary equipment to determine the precious metal content in unmarked 'white' and 'yellow' metal objects.


Fabergé diamond aide memoire sold by Suffolk auction house Lockdales

auction #104 /Lot 784

Fabergé diamond-set, silver-gilt, gold and guilloche enamel aide memoire.

hammer £10,500

An 18th Century Russian silver tankard sold by Suffolk auctioneers Lockdales

auction #97/Lot 437

18th Century Russian silver tankard hallmarked Moscow 1771, set with gold coins.

hammer £11,000

An antique Russian enamelled silver bowl sold in Lockdales Suffolk auction

auction #91/Lot 987

Russian, Solvychegodsk region, 17th Century enamelled silver bowl.

hammer £44,000

A silver Sheffield hallmarked silver salver sold by Lockdales auction house in Suffolk

auction #142/Lot 740

Plantation Hague, Demerara interest, Sheffield hallmarked silver salver 1893.

hammer £1300

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