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King Charles III Maundy Set

The first Maundy ceremony of his reign.

In our auction of Coins on 25th July we were lucky to have consigned a brand new Maundy coin set of our new king, dated 2023. Charles' coin issues are being sought-after by collectors all over the world. This set of silver coins (fourpence, threepence, twopence and penny) was struck for the Maundy Thursday Church of England service on 23rd April this year. Sets of these coins are issued to one man and one woman for each year of the monarch's age, and they are gifted coins to the value of his age also. Maundy collectors are then very keen to get their hands on the new sets for their collections. This set was estimated at £500 to £600, but the hammer price was £1150 (£1419 including premium) !! We've seen high prices for modern sets before but nothing quite like this!


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