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Our Suffolk auctions regularly present a wide range of postcards, with many interesting examples from the late-19th and early 20th Centuries. Such postcards are highly sought after and enduringly popular with collectors; particularly those produced by real photographic development.


Another important category in our auctions is the regimental woven silk cards of the First World War.


Early postcards provide an important record of social history and events through the photographic images depicted. These antique postcards were produced by independent professional photographers in locations all over the country, in limited print runs.


Many postcard collectors aim to specialise in the cards of their local area and our postcard sales attract strong interest from the community.

A woven silk Titanic postcard sold by Suffolk auction house Lockdales

Auction #154/ Lot 2616

RMS Titanic woven silk postcard by Stevens. From the David Murray Collection.

hammer £1000

A Suffragette postcard of a Womens Suffrage Mobile Caravan sold in Lockdales Suffolk auction house

Auction #122/ Lot 2282

Womens Suffrage Mobile Caravan real photographic postcard sent by E. Bradden to Helen Macrae (both Suffragettes)

hammer £1150

A postcard of RMS Lusitania sold at Suffolk auction house Lockdales

Auction #127 / Lot 2720

RMS Lusitania postcard sent on 17 April 1915, prior to the sinking of the ship by a German U-boat.

hammer £400

Postcard of Brockford Station on Mid-Suffolk Light Railway sold by Lockdales auction house

auction #96/Lot 2515

Real photographic postcard of the Brockford Station of the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway

(slightly mis-cut)

hammer £260

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