English Milled Coins

English milled coins would cover the period c.1663 to the present (plus sundry earlier pressings such as Oliver Cromwell). 

These include gold coins such as Guineas and Sovereigns, silver including Crowns and Shillings etc, and copper and bronze Pennies, Halfpennies and Farthings.

Condition is the most important aspect relating to a coin’s potential value.  The condition is also known as the ‘grade’ of preservation.  The grade of a coin can never be improved by cleaning so remember: Never clean coins if you think they might be of value to a collector.

Hammer £15,750

Auction #77, Lot 186

William IV Proof Crown 1834 nFDC

Hammer £1,250

Auction #148, Lot 2199

George III gold Spade Guinea 1787 aEF

Hammer £1,250

Auction #154, Lot 1412

Queen Victoria shield-back gold Sovereign 1842 aUNC

Hammer £1,250

Auction #148, Lot 2199

Two Pence 1983 “NEW PENCE” error, VF
English Cased & Proof Sets

This would primarily be coins and sets from the Royal Mint.  The secondary market for Royal Mint commemorative coins and proof sets has greatly improved over recent years, especially for the most recent ‘black cased’ sets. 


Some of the recent commemorative circulating issues have also become sought-after, causing several of the Brilliant Uncirculated sets to increase in price.

We also welcome the submission of Westminster, Pobjoy and other commemorative mint sets and collections for auction, or cash purchase appraisal

World Milled

From historic world coins to modern currency, we are equipped to deal with the research and valuation of coins from anywhere in the world, any time period. 

Especially popular are the coins of Spanish America, and the Dutch trading ports, salvaged from shipwrecked treasure hoards.  Famous figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte can be found on the coins of France. 


British Imperial coins of India and the Far East are keenly collected in their respective independent countries.  American, Chinese and Russian coins are perhaps the strongest performing of all.

Hammer £8,800

Auction #148, Lot 2213

George VI Coronation Gold Proof Set 1937 aFDC

Hammer £3,400

Auction #164, Lot 1357

500th Anniversary of the First Gold Sovereign 1489-1989 Gold Proof Sovereign Collection FDC

Hammer £9,200

Auction #164, Lot 1371

George V Coronation gold and silver Proof Set 1911

Hammer £310

Auction #150, Lot 1987

Manchester Commonwealth Games 2002 Royal Mint Two Pounds silver proof four-coin set FDC

Hammer £23,500

Auction #143, Lot 1442

USA Draped Bust Silver Dollar 1795, type Bolender 14, Bowers/Borckardt 51, cabinet toned AU

Hammer £33,500

Auction #127, Lot 1953

Australia gold proof Sovereign 1880-S, Sydney Mint, ex. H.C. Dangar Collection, aFDC

Hammer £12,000

Auction #106, Lot 1933

German State Hamburg gold 10 Ducats 1675 EF

Hammer £4,200

Auction #138, Lot 2138

USA Post-Colonial era, New Jersey copper piece 1786 GF
World Cased & Proof Sets

Commemorative and proof coins and sets have been issued by many countries around the world, and our own Royal Mint has received countless commissions from the Commonwealth and other nations. 


We are always in the market to purchase or accept consignments of world commemorative coins, especially the gold and silver Panda coins of China

Hammer £5200

Auction #100, Lot 1586

Sarawak, Rajah C. Brooke Proof Set 1870 (incomplete) nFDC

Hammer £700

Auction #154, Lot 1678

Republic of India Proof Set 1950 aFDC, in original presentation card.

Hammer £1,600

Auction #140, Lot 2034

First Coinage of Canadian Mint, Ottawa, specimen set 1908 nFDC

Hammer £140

Auction #138, Lot 2079

People’s Republic of China, set of six half ounce silver Pandas BU

Banknotes are collected similarly to coins, with an eye for condition, but also an eye for the details unique to paper money.  These being the intricacies of serial numbers, letters, and printing errors. 


The handsome ‘White Fivers’ and others of the Bank of England represent true classics.  Banknotes should be kept flat, in hard-backed envelopes or specialist acid-free sleeves.

A section of our bi-monthly auction is devoted to banknotes with clear scans shown for illustration.

Hammer £10,000

Auction #95, Lot 1310

Leeward Islands 10 Shillings 1st January 1921, serial A/1 00001 (the first note) aF

Hammer £6,200

Auction #96, Lot 853

Extremely rare private issue banknote of the Chefoo Bank, east coast of China (now Yantai)

Hammer £6,800

Auction #106, Lot 807

The Royal Canadian Bank One Dollar 26th July 1865 stating “Toronto” but issued Montreal, GF

Hammer £1,800

Auction #124, Lot 969

The States of Guernsey One Pound 17/3/1924 GF
Ancient / Roman

Ancient Greek and Roman coins have been collected for centuries.  We devote a special section of our auction to coins of this period, richly illustrated to highlight the intricate designs of Gods and Goddesses, monuments and fantastic beasts.

Roman Imperial, Romano-British, and Iron-Age British ‘Celtic’ coins are often found in our local area, all being peoples who have thrived at various times in East Anglia.


Coins released to the finder and landowner by the British Museum Portable Antiquities Scheme will find an excellent outlet through our auction.

Hammer £3,200

Auction #152, Lot 1881

Iron Age British “Celtic” gold stater of Dubnovellaunus of the Trinovantes
c.80 B.C. to 20 A.D. EF

Hammer £3,000

Auction #127, Lot 1407

Gold aureus of the Emperor Nero, Rome Mint 65-66 A.D. EF

Hammer £7,000

Auction #152, Lot 1903

Carausius ‘dynastic propaganda’ triple-portrait billon ant of the Colchester Mint 292-293 A.D. VF

Hammer £1,500

Auction #143, Lot 1455

Gold aureus of the Emperor Antoninus Pius, Rome Mint 157-158 A.D. VF
Hammered Coins

The medieval hammered coins of England and Europe were produced by hand-striking thin metal blanks of gold and silver between punched and engraved iron dies.


There is a near endless depth of historic value and importance to the numismatic record of this period, from the end of the Roman Empire, up to the early modern age and the transition to machine-pressed coinage.

We are based north of Ipswich, considered perhaps the first settlement of the Angles in Britain, and one of the heartlands of early English archaeology and metal-detecting.  Coins released to the finder and landowner by the British Museum Portable Antiquities Scheme will find an excellent outlet through our auction.

Hammer £21,500

Auction #89, Lot 1021

Gold Angel of Edward IV or V, mintmark Halved Sun & Rose (possibly of Edward V, the Prince in the Tower) nVF light damage.

Hammer £2,800

Auction #133, Lot 1269

Charles I, English Civil War, Siege of Newark Shilling 1645 GVF

Hammer £5,100

Auction #117, Lot 1348

Anglo-Saxon silver penny of Harold II, PAX type, Lincoln Mint, moneyer Almer, EF

Hammer £16,500

Auction #70, Lot 810

Frisian or Anglo-Saxon gold solidus c.830-850, imitating Carolingian designs.
Tokens & Exonumia

The 17th, 18th, and 19th Century tokens of Britain tell the story of our industrial, commercial and social history.  Issued during shortages of official coinage, there are thousands of varieties, many of which very scarce.

British Commemorative Medallions come under the classification of Exonumia: Extra-numismatic, coin-like objects.  Commemorating events throughout history, these have been produced as collector’s items and presentation pieces for hundreds of years.

We dedicate a special section of our bi-monthly auctions to Tokens and Exonumia.

Hammer £3,300

Auction #141, Lot 1651

Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee 1887, Royal Mint gold medallion by J.E. Boehm, EF

Hammer £700

Auction #124, Lot 1310

Australian transportation ‘convict token’ engraved by Frederick Morgan 1825

Hammer £1,400

Auction #152, Lot 2270

Charles I, English Civil War, Royalist badge by Rawlins EF

Hammer £300

Auction #154, Lot 1303

Halfpenny token of Robert Saul 1669, landlord of the Red Lion pub in Lavenham, Suffolk, VF

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