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Our regular Suffolk auctions of cigarette cards and trade cards attract interest from worldwide collectors.


These highly collectable cards were issued in cigarette and cigar packets in the late-19th and early-20th Centuries. At the time, it was a common pastime to collect the cards and assemble them as complete sets.


Antique cigarette cards are fascinating artefacts from different times, telling us much about the interests of people from the Edwardian era, alongside the lives of soldiers serving during the First World War.


Some cigarette card makers and their sets are more scarce, and therefore sought after, than others. One such example is a famous and valuable prototype issued by Taddy known as 'Clowns and Circus Artistes'.


Cigarette cards that are most in demand by collectors are those that have been kept loose, or ‘tipped in’ to albums without adhesive. Those which were glued in to the albums are worth significantly less.

Stamps & Postal


Cigarette & Trade Cards

Sporting Programmes

Cigarette cards Clowns and Circus Artistes issued by Taddy, sold at Suffolk auction house Lockdales for £9700

Auction #20/ Lot 1130

Taddy’s Clowns and Circus Artistes, a set of 20 prototype cards.

hammer £9700

Cigarette cards from Trick’s Drug Stores, War Series, sold at Suffolk auction house Lockdales

Auction #121/ Lot 2573

Trick’s Drug Stores, Plaistow, War Series,

set of 50 c.1916

hammer £1500

Phillips Football Teams cigarette cards sold in auction by Lockdales in Suffolk for £850

Auction #117/ Lot 2692

Phillips Football Teams premium large format mail-order issue, Watford A.F.C 1920-1921.

hammer £850

Duke & Sons antique cigarette cards of Great Americans sold at Lockdales auction house in Suffolk

auction #9135/ Lot 2945

Duke & Sons Great Americans set of 50,

issued 1888.

hammer £850

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