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As one of the UK's leading auctioneers of military medals and awards, it's a prime area of our expertise. Our team of medal experts is deeply involved with research and the community of enthusiasts who preserve our military history.


We regularly undertake in-depth research to reveal the stories surrounding the recipients of campaign and gallantry medals, which adds to the significance and importance to militaria collectors. Any personal items, photographs or documents that can be supplied along with medals will help to generate interest among collectors.


Military cap badges, hat, lapel and collar badges are countless in variety. In addition to these; badges for wounds, and sweetheart badges given to loved ones in absence are highly collectable. These tend to be sold by the collection or by the board, framed and mounted, but the rarest ones can be sold individually.


Military uniforms, caps, helmets, documents, field gear and everything in-between - we're an auction house that specialises in the buying and selling of military collectables.

We deal with pieces of all nationalities, including German artefacts. However, while we check all such items carefully we do not guarantee German items in our militaria auctions. Such items are considered ‘sold as seen’.


Antique firearms can be bought and sold through our auctions in Suffolk, with all meeting the necessary requirements for obsolescence and de-activation (with certificates where required). We have specialists in many types of historic and antique firearms, from flintlock muskets to Colt ‘six-shooters’ and carbines.


Antique-edged weapons, such as military sabres and bayonets, are also welcome for consignment to our regular auctions.


Medals & Militaria

The medals of Commander William Thomas Turner captain of the RMS Lusitania sold by militaria auction specialists Lockdales

Auction #127 / Lot 530

The medals of Commander William Thomas Turner, captain of the RMS Lusitania.

hammer £20,000

19th century American Colt 'Peacemaker' pistol sold by militaria auction house Lockdales

Auction #122/ Lot 877

American Colt ‘Peacemaker’ late 19th Century (obsolete calibre), sold with Home Office paperwork.

hammer £4000

Medal given to soldier killed on the first day of The Somme sold by medal auctioneers Lockdales

Auction #121 / Lot 19

WWI Trio to Sgt. Herbert Richard Johnson,

14th Bn. York & Lancs Regt. Killed on the first day

of the Somme.

hammer £850

Suffragette WSPU Hunger Strike medal sold in Suffolk auction house Lockdales

auction #127/Lot 693

WSPU Hunger Strike medal and ephemera of the Suffragette Mary Aldham (aka Mary Wood)

hammer £20,000

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