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This beautiful Victorian locket (pictured below), adorned with a turquoise and seed pearl star and surrounded by a buckle motif, has recently been received and will be auctioned at our next Fine Sale. Our specialist jewellery expert Lydia Micallef is passionate about Victorian jewellery, which is often rich in symbolism. The symbolism can sometimes be quite cryptic and not easily understood by a modern audience, but the buckle is a literal symbol signifying binding loyalty and devotion in either in love or friendship. The buckle motif, which was fashionable in the 19th century, is also found in bracelet, brooches and rings and buckle jewellery was a popular gift choice for lovers or dear friends. Buckles were also commonly seen on engagement and wedding rings during the Victorian period. Buckle jewellery remains popular today and this antique locket would make a very special gift for a loved one.

The locket will come under the hammer at our next Fine Sale auction in February 2023. If you have any similar items you'd like to have valued or would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact our valuer, Lydia Micallef.


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