The current situation has meant cancelling our line-up of UK Valuation Roadshows and fairs we had booked for this season. This has also meant being unable to welcome the public or our regular customers to our premises. We have therefore been looking into alternative ways to continue accepting consignments for our future sales.

On the upside, our current online only auctions have been a phenomenal success and seeing by far the highest sales rates in recent history with the majority of lots achieving their top estimates or over. In plain English, this means the demand is stronger than ever and we are keener than ever to continue buying and consigning at a great pace. So, if you’re thinking about selling there’s never been a better time.




The first step will be to email or WhatsApp us and if you can, send a few clear pictures along with a brief description of your item/s or collection. This will quickly help us establish a starting point.​ Alternatively, you can telephone us with a brief description of the items you are looking to sell. We may ask for images to be sent but it will depend upon the items in question.

If our experts have good reason to believe your items may do well at auction and you wish to take it to the next step, we will send you a Packaging Kit. The Kit will include everything you need such as return address labels, protective wrap postal box or jiffy bag (depending on size and weight of your items) and will be postage-paid. All you will need to do is send it back to us. Bespoke options depending on the size and potential value of a larger collection, such as a pick-up service by courier or one of our drivers may also be offered subject to prior agreement.

Introducing our new Remote Valuation Consultations

How does it work?

Our experts and valuers have always stipulated that for a genuine valuation items must be examined first-hand and we are not about to change this. However, an initial phone conversation accompanied by photos go a long way to establishing whether the item/s or collections maybe worth pursuing further.

Call our office on +44 01473 627110

conducting a Virtual Valuation

Once we have received your item/s our expert will contact you to arrange a Virtual Valuation. Our recommendation is via a video link (we can guide you through the set-up) where you and our expert will be able to see each other and chat easily whilst having the facility to point out close-up details of items, carry out other inspections in front of you such as weighing and testing etc. It is the closest experience to what you might expect at a real-life valuation appointment.

If this all sounds too technical and you prefer the more traditional approach of a phone call whilst referencing the items we have previously agreed for you to send in (or have had collected by courier) then this is absolutely fine too, but for a superior service and a greater customer experience we highly recommend that anyone who is able, to try out our virtual video link.

Finally, if your items result in a favourable conclusion to both parties, you may be offered one of two options, either to consign to auction or to sell your items to us directly (for multiple items you may be offered a mix or choice of both). At this point, should you decide not to sell or consign, we will return your items at a small charge to cover postage.


What'S A direct CASH PURCHASE?

Many of our customers prefer to sell direct to Lockdales instead of consigning their items to auction and waiting for auction day.  Once a sales agreement has been concluded, we can BACS transfer the payment into your account instantly. We can do this over the phone or whilst still on the video link. Most often the monies will show up instantly, though other times can take longer. We can send a cheque if you prefer.

HOW DO I consign my items?

If we have agreed on a consignment, we will fill out a consignment contract. The top copy will be emailed to you for reference. We will then send the original contract out to you in the post which will need to be signed by you (the vendor) and the bottom two copies must then be returned to Lockdales.


Some vendors may choose to benefit from our Auction Guarantee Scheme. 

For more information please call our office or email us at info@lockdales.com

Please note that written valuations cannot be requested from any of our free verbal valuation services or consultations. Lockdales' written valuation service is a separate chargeable service. Please call us for info.